Fundraising is our way of supporting our local community. Racine is our home, and at Victory Lane Car Wash we don’t just care about our customers, we care about our community. We are always looking to get more involved in, and supporting our community. Volunteering with service organizations, involvement in community events, donation to activities and fundraisers, supporting schools, and local sports is what Victory Lane Car Wash is all about.

We also offer an easy fundraising program designed to help every level of need. We will sell car wash vouchers to organizations at a discounted rate, allowing them to go out and sell the vouchers for any price up to the retail value of the card and keep the profits. Please call the store or stop by anytime to discuss this program or fill out the form below.

Need donation for a non-profit event or fundraising event? Please feel free to fill out this form for a donation request and we will get back to you soon.